The Italian Property Market – Resilient Not Speculative

I remember sitting in the offices of a big mover and shaker in the Italian property industry discussing the repercussions of Lehman Bros and whether the, at the time, soon-to-be-sworn in Barack Obama would have any impact, while fingering the sugar sachet that came with the espresso he’d just sent out for. The motto on which declared ‘There wouldn’t be so many wolves if there weren’t so many sheep’, which did make me smile ever so slightly being sat, as I was, across the table from one of the biggest, although admittedly infinitely likeable wolves you could ever meet. Which, oddly enough, brings me to Pinocchio and a small detour before arriving at the Italian property market…

Pinocchio is the quintessential Italian story. Watch Roberto Benigni’s version set in Umbria and you will get a true insight into the Italian psyche. Anyway, shortly before his experiences with a whale and a land of donkeys, Pinocchio is conned out of his bag of gold coins by a very charming cat and fox – they tell him to invest in a hole in the ground for an enormous, guaranteed return, and so he does. They return and promptly steal the lot. We then witness a hysterically desperate wooden top jumping around the countryside. Does this sound familiar?



Sicily Vacation Rentals

Italy is one of those countries that have several renowned things and people associated with it, which increase its global appeal. Considered a land of pizza, pasta, olives and wine, Italy is truly a remarkable destination to get some one of a kind life experiences. Italy has a rich cultural heritage based on Roman history and the country is filled with ancient Roman architecture and renaissance palaces. Whether you are a casual tourist or a connoisseur of food and ancient history, Italy has a lot to offer for everyone. Italy’s history has its roots in Roman Catholic history and this is clearly reflected even as the country grows in its modernity. The landscape of the country too is a renowned attraction and this is a popular spots for travel writers, photographers and painters to express their art form. Being a tourist paradise, there are several options for people to stay on and experience the true Italian hospitality by renting places such as villas in Florence, Milan or Rome, which are some of the most popular destinations.

Florence undoubtedly is one of the most striking cities in Italy as well as the rest of the world. Florence is located in the heart of Tuscany, one of the most popular areas for its sprawling hills, vineyards and palaces. Art is one of the renowned cultures of the city of Florence. Renowned renaissance painters like Donatello, Brunelleschi and Masaccio hailed from this famous city of Florence and contribute greatly to its artistic flair. If you are a patron of art or a novice traveler, Florence has a lot to offer you and can certainly not be done in a day. To truly explore the city and its surroundings you need to relax in its hospitality and absorb the culture. There are several villas in Florence which will give you the chance to kick back and enjoy the culture at your own pace.

A neighbor of Italy, Sicily too reflects the culture and hospitality of its neighbors. Over time Sicily has become a famous tourist destination and Sicily vacation rentals have gained in popularity due to the growing demand.

If you visit Italy you certainly cannot miss Amalfi Coast which is a true beach lover’s paradise. Find exotic villa rental Amalfi coast and live in the lap of luxury in the heart of Italy’s beach hub. Explore the area at your own pace and take in all the local offerings to truly experience Italy. Finding appropriate vacation rentals can often be a challenging task as safety and security are important for a peaceful vacation. To find the ideal source for your vacation rental find resources that are both trusted and have received positive reviews from previous customers try checking


4 Travel Hotspots of Northern Italy

All geographical areas of Italy – be it North, Center, South, or Islands – bring unique experiences, heritage and culture for vacationers. The Northern part is particularly famous for Venice with its beauty, architecture, and history but it also packs various other travel hotspots. Below are some other places that are a must-visit for your Northern Italy trip;


The beautiful Trieste deserves the first mention for its magnificent edifices and natural heritage. The city has a rich history of buildings, and lures visitors with its castles and opulence. Overlooking the sea, Miramare Castle is a pleasant sight on a peak of a ridge. The castle has conserved its old charm with furnishings. Piazza Unità D’Italia is locally famous as the Living Room of the city. Grotta Gigante is another natural attraction in the form of a cave that catches the fancy of visitors.


The city is supposed to have witnessed the love story of Romeo and Juliet but it is not the only thing that makes Verona a must visit for Northern vacationers. The city has survived various invasions and preserves its heritage. Vacations usually visit the city to see the balcony from where Juliet spoke to her beloved. Roman amphitheater named The Arena and art-filled churches are also much admired.


For cheese lovers, a Northern Italian vacation cannot be complete without visiting the Parma city. It is known for its prosciutto and cheese production facilities. Besides being known for its rich gourmet cuisine, the city also has ample countryside beauty and historical attractions. Romanesque cathedral, Sanctuary of Santa Maria della Steccata, and Palazzo della Pilotta are famous amongst vacationers. It was home to renowned artists such as Giovannino Guareschi, Attilio Bertolucci, and Benedetto Antelami.


It is the sixth largest city in Italy, and falls nowhere short in terms of architectural beauty. Port of Genoa made the setting for international trade and brought prosperity to the land. Aquarium of Genoa is a must visit for travelers passing through the town. It is the largest aquarium in Italy and houses 800 different marine species. From the art point of view too, Genoa has rich heritage in the form of palaces and churches.

While above cities are known for their unique traits, Lake Como surroundings are popular amongst travelers looking for natural beauty, serenity, and pleasant climate. In addition to all the mentioned, the place also packs ample adventure and luxury options.